Lower Merion Car Accident Lawyer

Located near the edge of Philadelphia with hundreds of thousands of cars in a hurry on its roads as commuters go into the city or want to return home after a long day of work, Lower Merion, Pa., has a high accident rate that might have touched you in recent days.

Between the super-busy Schuylkill Expressway or I-476, there are many areas where you can have close encounters on the roads surrounding Lower Merion, particularly where those highways merge or drivers are trying daring maneuvers when merging or exiting the major thoroughfares. Montgomery County as a whole sees plenty of accidents each year, making up a large percentage of the 120,000+ accidents on state roads.

About four people lose their lives every day on Pennsylvania roads, and dozens more are injured. If you are living in or near Lower Merion and are involved in a traffic accident, you will most likely need legal representation, even if your case seems straightforward and you do not think that you have suffered any serious injuries.

Many times, the other driver will have a change of mind about whose fault the accident was, especially after s/he realizes what admitting fault will do to the insurance rate. The next thing you know, your case is before a judge and you will need a top Lower Merion car accident attorney by your side.

Even if you feel okay right after your collision due to the effects of adrenaline coursing through your body, you might not feel too spiffy a few days later as a concussion becomes evident or your back and neck begin to feel the full impact of that rear-end collision. It is best to hire a Lower Merion car accident attorney with plenty of experience in helping Pennsylvania drivers.

Look for a competent team of car accident lawyers that can win a large settlement for its clients, if necessary. Look for a firm of Lower Merion car accident attorneys that does not represent any insurance companies, but specializes in personal injury suits and argues for the motorist.

If possible, find a firm that will come to your hospital bed for a free consultation, and start on the path to receiving the compensation that you deserve. Do not let an insurance company persuade you into accepting a settlement that is far smaller than you might deserve. Insurance companies are trying to settle for as cheaply as possible, and you could be forced to pay for years of medical bills and lost wages, long after your settlement funds have run out.

That’s why you need a Lower Merion car accident attorney to guide and represent you. To prepare for your consultation with a skilled Lower Merion car accident lawyer, document what occurred on the day of your accident as best as you can. Compile your out-of-pocket expenses, medical expenses, photos of your vehicle and the accident scene (if possible), and receipts and correspondence.

Then, allow a qualified Lower Merion Car Accident Lawyer to begin to help you and craft a winning case.  That way, your accident will not become more of a nightmare than it needs to be.


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